These are dioramas I made from craft wood, paint, and glue.  1/12th (dollhouse) scale. The bottom two fit into a shoe box!

"Dappled Sunlight", 2013.  Photograph taken of a 1/6th scale diorama.

"The Soup Can", 2013. Photo taken of a 1/6th scale diorama.

I once got paid to make a mess in miniature.

Light in a Blue Room, 2013.

Rays of Light Thru Slats in the Roof, 2009.

The top image is a 1/6th scale replica  that I made from paper and coffee stirrers. It was inspired by an abandoned room that I photographed in Kansas.


Carrie M. Becker - Red Wallpaper in Living Room

Rehabbing an old house from the turn of the century. 1/6th scale

Ha! This is mine. It’s an old dollhouse I found in a thrift store! ;) href=””>

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‘Tokujin Yoshioka s‘tornado’ installation was the main event at design miami 2007.

Super Fiber Revolution, 2006

tokujin yoshioka’s designer of the year, yoshioka has sent us some images from the installation that consisted of 550,000 plastic drinking straws piled into maze-like arrangements to suggest clouds. the use of weightless materials expresses
the idea of ‘formless’ and ‘fluid air’
snowflake rug, design is made from weaving various transparent fibers together, the design suggests a crystalized snowscape.

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Cai Guo-Qiang, Endless, 2011

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Duplication on a 1/6th scale!  Original image on bottom shows an abandoned room in farm house, while the top image is of a miniature replica made of balsa wood and paper.